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Mobility Challenge

Quietly become the best.

Workout with Kettlebells

For a lot of us, we give so much of ourselves away in order to excel at work, in school, and in relationships. We work so hard and for so long that sometimes we forget about our own personal goals, and we get a little lost. 

It's time to find yourself.


Stay in the Fight

Bravo Shift Virtual Training

Smartphone Training Platform 

Once you've decided on a program plan, your trainer will create your workouts. Then, simply download Bravo Shift's training platform app to your smartphone and start the custom workouts. For those using an iOS smartphone, Apple Watches are compatible. The training app will lead you through the workouts, with exercise descriptions and video examples, number of reps and sets, and the amount of rest time, all factored in to the workout. Simply hit start and then go!

Personalized Workout Plans

Your personal trainer creates workouts based on your individual needs such as weightlifting for strength gains, cardiovascular and endurance exercises, and body fat weight loss workouts. Additionally, your personal trainer will adjust the exercises according to the equipment you have available. For instance, workouts can be bodyweight only or they can be adjusted to commercial gym or home gym equipment. 

Integrated Health Platform

The mobile app also has integrated functions with other software. If the clients choose, they can synch their Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch and WIthings Health Mate. 

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